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Ban Krut has some of the most attractive, unspoiled beaches on Thailand’s Gulf coast, plus remote resorts

Ban Krut is a little-known beach destination that began life as a long-distance escape for Thai families and groups from Bangkok, and for local tours from further north. It’s only in the past few years that a trickle of foreign tourists have begun to call in here. This is a remote part of the Thai coast with a scattering of small fishing villages and vast coconut plantations, but little else.

Ban Krut lies at the southern end of Prachuap Khiri Khan province, which has 200 kilometres of empty beach facing the Gulf of Thailand. This is, luckily, far enough south to escape the pollution that plagues the northern reaches of the Gulf, giving it quite clear water and good swimming conditions. The beaches too, are far wider, sandier and more attractive than those further north, not to mention much more natural-looking. Coconut palms and the ubiquitous casuarina trees line most shores, bringing an attractive green to fringe and shade to the beaches.

There is no development beside the beaches here except for occasional fishing villages – which usually cluster around small river mouths – and the few quiet hotels marked on our beach maps. Here the visitor can be alone with kilometres of beach to him/herself. Though the water is moderately clear, there are few underwater features for snorkelling or diving. Relaxing on empty beaches is the main activity here.
Ban Krut has two beaches, one with village and community, the other with tranquil beachfront resorts
While our maps show three beaches with accommodations, Ban Krut is both the biggest town in the area and the major beach accommodation centre. It consists of two long beaches divided by a large, singular mountain with a famous Buddhist monastery on top. The local community is spread along the southern beach because there is an estuary here that protects fishing boats, and the train station is on this side. There are some hotels facing the southern beach, but since they are on the wrong side of a beach-hugging road that do not qualify as ‘true beachfront’ for our website. The beach on the north side of the big mountain is more natural, quieter and holds the only beachfront hotels in this area. It’s a long walk to the local community, shops and railway station from this beach, though the flat land is ideal for bicycling or motorcycling, and both are available for rent.
Ban Krut has two even more tranquil neighbouring beaches, Thap Sakae and Huai Yang
Of the three beaches mapped here, Ban Krut with its train station, few shops and thin scattering of hotels and restaurants is like a metropolis compared to starkly remote Thap Sakae Beach to the north. This has just three very remote beachfront hotels with little community in the vicinity. The land is flat and rather featureless. However, those seeking a true escape holiday can surely find it here. The village of Thap Sakae is small and a little desolate looking, running along the main north-south highway, some kilometres from the coast.

Huay Yang, the other beach mapped here, offers the only beachfront hotels in immediate proximity of a local village. Essentially a fishing village, its low concrete houses are clustered along the banks of a small estuary, with a single hotel on the outskirts at both sides. There are just a few small shops in the sparse little village here. But interestingly, there are a couple of European restaurants here, along with a beach club within the local Buddhist monastery and it is common to see older Europeans walking or cycling by. A couple retirement villages for Scandinavians have been established in Huay Yang, set well back from the beach among the coconut plantations. Some retirees are here full time, others coming for the cold northern winters only.
Ban Krut offers just a few places to go and see
It’s not what you call entertainment, but Ban Krut has a few interesting points of the cultural kind. First, there’s the old wooden town clustered by the train station. This is something of an historical timepiece, for most that towns, and even villages, migrated from natural wood to shoddy concrete buildings a generation or two ago. The most famous landmark however, is Wat Thang Sai, the large Buddhist monastery atop the mountain that separates the north and south beaches. Its golden spires can be seen from far up and down the coast, and its fame attracts large numbers of Thai pilgrims to page homage here. They arrive in private cars and pour out of huge tour buses almost every morning. There’s also Wat Tham Kiriwong, another Buddhist monastery with a cave packed with Buddha images. A separate page in this site gives the full range of attractions and things to do and see in Ban Krut.
a few surprising 4-star resorts on this lonely coastline
The majority of the beach resorts here are Thai-family owned and run, in the budget and 3-star range. They’re often friendly places that give you the feeling you’re visiting family. However, in recent years a few more ambitious resorts have opened, trying to attract both well-to-do Thais from Bangkok and foreign visitors seeking tranquil beaches and absolute peace and quiet. Despite that relatively few foreign tourists find their way to this part of Thailand, the hotels are all eager to get Ban Krut known and welcome more foreigners.
Nishaville Resort on Huai Yang is a 4-star villa resort and the only upmarket accommodation on this beach. It offers the best facilities and in-house activities for families. It is ideal for long stay visitors looking for a quiet place to spend the northern winter. Jack Beach Resort is more basic, though its bungalows are comfortable enough, with air-conditioning. This has a big open air restaurant with lots of tables set right out by the sand. Rocky Point Resort offers small villas in a more rustic setting. One thing these three resorts have in common is kilometres of empty beach stretching away in two directions; it's definitely quiet and tranquil.
Sirarun Resort at the top end of Ban Krut north beach is a beautifully designed, ambitious resort where you will certainly find tranquillity and modern comforts of the 4-star kind. And Thai seafood from the nearby fishing village.
Sunshine Paradise Resort offers luxury pool villas overlooking a very tranquil beach. There are the most luxurious accommodations in this area. Anyone staying at this end of Ban Krut will need transport to get about, for it is several kilometres from the few attractions of the area, like the temple of Wat Thang Sai.

by John Everingham

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