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Khanom offers lonely, natural beaches with a scattering of beachfront hotels

Khanom is surely one of Thailand’s future beach destinations, one that is likely to grow popular as the more established beaches become over-developed and over-crowded. That movement has already begun, with some visitors here former fans of Phuket and Koh Samui. But it’s only a trickle as yet. Khanom's beaches and hotels are also weekend getaways for Thai families and groups from the nearby provincial capitals of Surat Thani and Nakorn Sri Thammarat.

Khanom is on a straight sector of mainland coast facing east, directly south of Koh Samui, and some 700 kms by road from Bangkok. Access is usually through Surat Thani airport, an hour-and-a-half drive away. Though there are three beaches on our maps, Khanom is essentially two straight, lengths of beach; seven and a half kilometres of straight sand in the north, with the bottom kilometre separate by rocks. The land behind the long, top beach is flat and featureless, though there are hills and mountains to top and bottom. It’s pretty, but not spectacular. The southern beach has a mountain behind, many more coconut palms fringing the beach and is thus much more tropical-looking, and attractive. The locals are fishermen and farmers, with some now turning to prawn farming while a few begin to look to tourism as fish stocks run low in the Gulf.
The majority of Khanom beachfront hotels are mid-range, but there are some surprising luxury resorts here
Despite the beauty of the southern beach, the majority of the beachfront hotels here are to the north. The budget and 3-star resorts were largely built for the Thai weekend and holiday trade. It’s the more recent arrival of several 4- and 5-star luxury resorts that has signalled the beginning of the international trade, and the confidence of some investors in the future of this rustic beach region. A few well-to-do Thai visitors also come from Bangkok. Soaring beachfront property prices indicate more hotels are headed this way.

Beautiful, trendy design with minimalist tone sets the trendy Aava Resort & Spa apart. This European inspired boutique resort offers 5-star luxuries on a lonely beach with just one other neighbour. The other 5-star establishment is very different, being spacious and set into the headland overlooking the southern beach. Racha Kiri Resort is equally plush in design and architecture, though here it takes much from modern Asian design with Balinese touches.
Visitors to Khanom can tour the historical city of Nakorn Sri Thammarat, or rent transport and go ..
The provincial capital Nakorn Sri Thammarat is an ancient centre of Buddhist culture and Thai history. 'Nakorn', as it’s called, makes for an interesting excursion from the beach, and an opportunity to try local restaurants and Thai cuisine as the locals eat it.
There are only a few basic Thai restaurants in Khanom, and no nightlife or entertainment. Beach massage and massage treatments are, as everywhere in Thailand, readily available.
One pastime that Khanom is famous for among Thai tourists is dolphin watching, and in particular, pink dolphin watching. They’re the rare Irrawaddy dolphins often found in the rivers and estuaries of this region. Boats take visitors out at sunrise to search for the dolphins in the waters directly in front of Khanom Beach.
This undeveloped patch of beach is definitely for those seeking absolute tranquillity and relaxation in a rural Thai atmosphere.

by John Everingham