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Klong Dao is long, wide & sandy, and convenient at the top of the island

Klong Dao could be called Lanta's main beach. It is the first beach reached on crossing from the mainland to the island, it's close by the main town of Saladan and it is also the beach with the biggest concentration of beachfront hotels, holiday cottages, beach spas and bungalows.
This beach is the longest and widest on Koh Lanta, running almost three kilometres south from the top of the island where it faces directly west, and thus giving all beach hotels here great sunset views. There is a wide stretch of flat land behind the beach, with the road set back far enough to give the many beachfront hotels here plenty of space, and to keep the traffic noise out.

Beach conditions here are perfect for young children, because the sand is exceptionally flat with a gentle slope towards the sea. This wide expanse of fine, hard-packed sand leads to water that is relatively shallow for a long distance, making this a safe, dream beach for children of all ages to play in. Adults have to wade out a little further to find deeper swimming depths. Not surprisingly, the beachfront resorts here utilize this this great asset to advantage, catering specially to families and children and making Khlong Dao perhaps Thailand's top family beach. The number of families all over the island suggests Lanta might be Thailand's top family island destination.
3-star comforts have replaced the cheap bamboo huts and backpacker bungalows that dominated Klong Dao for many years following its discovery by backpackers in the 1980s. Though such super-cheap accommodations have disappeared from this beach, quite a few are still found on beaches further down the island. On Klong Dao bamboo and grass huts have been replaced by more comfortable, 3-star family-oriented bungalows in concrete and wood. Most beach hotels here now offer air-conditioning and swimming pools, and virtually every one has a beachfront restaurant with great beach, ocean and sunset views.

Luxurious 4- and 5-star accommodations are now available in the three resorts at the very top end of the beach; Costa Lanta, Twin Lotus and Cha-Da Resort.
In total there are nearly 30 beachfront hotels on Khlong Dao. All can be seen on the maps here. We have cut the beach into three maps - North, Central and South - to show the hotels in greater detail.
Klong Dao remains generally green and reasonably natural, despite that it is the most developed beach on the island, with the most hotels. There is no highrise construction, and hotels are generally restricted to a height below the coconut palms. In fact the top of Khlong Dao Beach has few coconut palms, being dominated instead by tall wispy casuarina trees common to this area. Theres's an especially big forest of them at the north end of the beach, though the middle parts are often lacking in trees and shade, and sometimes hot.

by John Everingham