Klong Prao is a wide, open bay on the mid West coast of Koh Chang, with its two long, flat beaches divided into equal North and South sectors by an estuary. These two beaches are among the most populated, with The Beachfront Club having qualified 17 true beachfront resorts and other beach accommodations along its soft coral sand.

The road runs close to the beach in the top of the North beach, while in the south it is far back, leaving a wide area for resort development. The far South has the largest number of more comfortable, up-market resorts. The wider, most beautiful beach is also found in this area, a tropical beauty lined with coconut palms. At high tide little dry beach remains, North or South. Since there is no off-shore reef here, the water is quite deep, making it a good swimming beach.

There is still a substantial area of undeveloped, natural beachfront land along this, the longest stretch of beach on Koh Chang’s West coast.

Only about half of the beach resorts and bungalows on Klong Prao's 3.3 kilometre foreshore qualify for membership. Many resorts have split their hotels between beachfront and inland roadside, or some hotels allow traffic to pass between the room blocks inside the resort and the beach. Also, there are some non-beachfront hotels up the estuary and short river.

Among the best beach resorts nestled on the coconut beach here are the Amari Emerald Cove, the Dewa Resort (both South map) and the up-market Panviman Resort & Spa (North map).

Both sectors of the beach have market areas with convenience stores and ATM machines along the back road.

by John Everingham