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Koh Chang; a large island with many beaches; hotels from budget to 4-star

Koh Chang in one of Thailand’s biggest islands, and quite a rugged one, with a high mountain chain running north-south down its length. These mountains have preserved large tracts of rainforest from being cleared for rubber plantations and kept the Koh Chang much more natural than most other Thai islands. All of its famous beaches are found down the west coast facing the sunsets over the Gulf of Thailand, and of course the great majority of resorts are also here. The view of this coastline from the water is one of precipitous mountain slopes under a layer of wild, tangled greenery, trimmed below by a thin white strip of sand, this overshadowed by coconut palms. Koh Chang can appear distinctly natural and alluring.
5 hour drive from Bangkok; far enough to escape mass tourism
That long 5-hour drive from Bangkok, followed by a ferry crossing that typically takes about an hour, depending on the wait, helps keep mass tourism and group tours at bay. Koh Chang has thus been spared the excesses of tourism development that many lament has ‘ruined’ Pattaya, Phuket and other Thai beach destinations.

Koh Chang, however, is no longer a lost paradise inhabited by adventurous backpackers – those days have passed with the 1990s. The island now displays almost 100 beachfront hotels on our maps, while new places are now building away from the beaches due to the astronomical cost of beachfront land – even on this island. And while cheap bungalow are still easy to find, virtually all new resorts here are in the 3-star and higher range. Koh Chang is following the national trend, moving upmarket with ever more boutique and attractively designed beach hotels.
Koh Chang’s beaches are pretty, but not great for swimming
The view of Koh Chang in Google Earth shows virtually no white sandy beaches. That’s due to the beaches being very narrow, and disappearing underwater at high tide. Come low tide however, and many beaches have exposed sand banks running far out. The water is very shallow in front of all west coast beaches, making swimming difficult, and sometimes impossible, at low water.

Trees are the other reason Koh Chang’s beaches are difficult to see from above; big beach trees. There are many of them, hanging out over and shading the sand of most beaches here. This deep shade from big trees allows visitors to remain out on the sand all day, often eating, drinking and sleeping right there through the hottest hours. This has helped create an ambience special to Koh Chang, and a laid-back lifestyle that any number of visitors love.
Soft sand beaches are in limited supply however, and many parts of the island’s west coast are rocky, or have a mix of rocks and sandy patches. Kai Mook has pretty pebble beaches. Many resorts towards the south end of the island are built over rocky shores, yet still manage to charm many visitors with their tranquil environments and pretty scenery.
Koh Chang and its beaches get quieter the further south you go
The most famous beach here, with the largest number of beachfront resorts, is Sai Khao, the first one encountered on the west coast. After that Klong Prao Beach in its big bay is the second reached, and the second in popularity. The beaches further south become rockier and sparser as the geography becomes more rugged and the road more difficult to navigate. Thus, fewer people make the longer, adventurous trip to the island’s south end. It creates a simple equation; if you want more peace and quiet and fewer people on your beach, spend more travel time going south.
The beach at the very bottom of the island, Klong Kloi, is therefore one of the quietest here, despite that it’s also one of the prettiest. There are occasional remote resorts that have established themselves on small but very private stretches of sand along this quiet south end, including Mercure Hideaway, Sea View Resort at the bottom of Kai Bae Beach and Bai Lan Beach Resort.

The absolute quietest beaches and accommodations on Koh Chang are those on the island’s east coast, though the shoreline here doesn’t always qualify as ‘beach’. At the best, in the northeast, the sand is an amazing reddish amber colour, giving the appropriate name Amber Sand Beach. Further down the coast it’s little more than a narrow strip of brownish sand, while in places there is little more than shoreline.

beachfront resorts from backpacker simple to 4-star luxurious
Budget bungalows, as mentioned, are still aplenty here, especially towards the more remote south end. But they are scattered widely, with a few on the east coast as well. The pebble beaches of Kai Mook also offer relatively cheap accommodations. The great majority of Koh Chang accommodations however are in the 3-star range; mostly bungalow-style set among coconut or other tropical gardens. The number of 4-star establishments is growing bit-by-bit, and there’s already a good choice at this end of the scale. 5-star luxury has just a toe hold on this island, in the very swish Emerald Cove Koh Chang at the bottom of Klong Prao Beach.
Family oriented beach hotels are also available, if scattered widely. Easiest to get to at the very top end is KC Grande Resort & Spa, which has great pools for little ones a kids’ club and facilities for families. The Centara Koh Chang Tropicana Resort on Klong Prao Beach South is the distinct family choice here. It’s a member of the well-known Centara group whose hotels generally carry excellent family facilities. Further south is the Mercure Hideaway, another with great swimming pools for children, a kid’s club and supervised activities. See the list of Top 10 Family-Friendly Resorts on Koh Chang.

new, boutique beach resorts bringing fine design and style to Koh Chang
Boutique is the newest movement on Koh Chang, as it is across many Thai tourist islands. Recent years have seen the arrival of several small or mid-sized, beautifully-design resorts dedicated to the art of fine living in beautiful surrounds. Kae Bae Beach in particular has seen its standards rise with three intimate, boutique establishments built side-by-side. Gajapuri Resort started the trend, and now has separate couples and family sections. The Chill brought in semi-minimalist architecture and design, while the newest arrival, Awa Koh Chang makes a bold statement with even more modern minimalism.
Others that fit this modern boutique mould are The Dewa on Klong Prao South, which brings a pleasing amalgam of tropical Asian styles and touches of Bali. It’s neighbour Barali Beach Resort achieves similar objectives with Asian styles.

Koh Chang and its region can be nice in the monsoon season, too
Each year more visitors discover that there are advantages of visiting Thai beach destinations during the monsoon season. The most important discovery is that the time it rains is generally very short, and most days are quite dry, with short, heavy showers coming and going. Sometimes it doesn’t rain for days.
Hoteliers market this time of year as the Green Season, an apt description. It’s true that the beaches are not particularly nice when the wind and waves are pummelling them, but the number of other options is substantial. And of course it’s far cheaper at this time of year, with fewer visitors. This is by far the best time of year to go touring in Thailand, for the countryside is lush and green, and temperatures a few degrees cooler even than the ‘winter’ months from December to February. See more about Advantages of Koh Chang in the Monsoon Season.

by John Everingham

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