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Krabi offers spectacular beaches, mountains, islands and seas – but it’s no lost paradise

Amazing beauty, but few beaches in Krabi
The geographic beauty of Krabi’s beaches, islands, mountains and seas is truly stunning. The reality of being there matches, or even outdoes, the advertising photos. So it’s not surprising that two of Krabi’s most magnificent stretches of sand have often been listed among the world’s most beautiful beaches. The other surprise is one that many people wish they never had to face – Krabi has very few beaches compared to the number of visitors coming here expecting a beach-based holiday. The number of true beachfront hotels that we qualify in this website is telling: just 36 hotels from a total that’s probably over 200 in the Krabi area.

Beachfront resorts are thus at a premium here, for the great majority of accommodations don’t even have a view of the ocean, nor are within walking distance. If you want a room by the beach check the maps here carefully, for there is quite a bit of misleading advertising by the hotels in Krabi.
More and more people are understanding that visiting this part of Thailand in the monsoon season can be very pleasant.
Railay and Thum Phra Nang, the most famous beaches
Vertical rocky cliffs and a huge phallus of rock tower over these two beaches, while jungle fringes spill over the rocky precipices like a green Afro haircut. It’s these two, Railay and Thum Phra Nang, locked on a small peninsula that can only be accessed by boat, that have often been listed among the world’s most beautiful beaches. During peak season however, their beauty below is sullied by the masses of jostling tourists brought to Thum Phra Nang enmasse, the shoreline jammed with boats and the vendors vying to sell them food and drink.

Railay Beach is less crowded, but the visitors stay here through the day. Since there’s not enough accommodation on the peninsula for all who come here on pilgrimage to nature’s beauty, many have to return to hotels in Ao Nang before sunset.
Quiet beaches, busy beaches in Krabi
While high season crowds sometimes smarm over the Krabi’s most famous beaches, there are also a number of very tranquil beach escapes to be discovered. Anyone eager to get off Krabi’s well-beaten track and find a relaxing escape or romantic retreat should see Tub Kaek Beach, a 20-minute drive up the coast from Ao Nang. Alternatively, there is remote Long Beach, a half hour drive to the south, though here the geography is very flat and rather mundane.
Ao Nang is a transport hub and commercial centre, not a beautiful beach
Krabi’s fame draws so many visitors during the high season that its hotels can barely accommodate everyone. Hotels on the Railay peninsula are booked out months in advance, forcing many who really wish to sleep in Railay to return each evening to Ao Nang, where there are all manner of accommodations. These hotels, however, are scattered along the main road leading far back from the beach, leaving many guests with a long walk, or a ride, to the ocean and the bustling seaside village. Ao Nang offers lots of interesting seaside restaurants and bars, massage huts galore plus shops and supplies. The beach is not particularly beautiful and the water not always inviting for swimming. Hundreds of longtail boats run in and out from the beach in high season, ferrying visitors to beaches and islands in all directions. Ao Nang is primarily a transport hub, sending and receiving people from more beautiful spots. And it’s become a hotel centre simply by default.
Choose your beach carefully when coming to Krabi
For reasons that should be obvious from the above, choose your beach carefully when planning a trip to Krabi. And consider if it’s a relaxing beach chill-out you seek, or a more general trip to get around and see all of Krabi. Booking the former takes advance planning. And for those who book late, there’s a good chance of ending up in a second-rate hotel in a very inconvenient location. For a good critical look at Krabi see our separate guide page on the Pros & Cons of Krabi.
Krabis has many islands of equal beauty’
Krabi also has a whole little sea full of amazingly beautiful tropical islands, some with beaches, others completely rocky and rugged. Only one has accommodation – not counting Koh Phi Phi, that is, which we treat as a separate destination. See our page dedicated to Krabi’s most beautiful tropical islands. Many longtail boats wait at Ao Nang, ready to take visitors for trips to different islands. You can both hire boat for yourself, or wait till the captain has enough passengers (about eight) for a join-in trip. Boat prices are posted by the ticket booth, making things easier. There’s also a big bustling boat anchorage with both longtails and speed boats for hire in the small river at the north end of Haad Nopparat Thara
Beachfront hotels in Krabi range from moderate 3-star to 5-star luxury
Despite that Krabi has a relatively small number of true beachfront resorts, among those it has a few of Thailand’s most spectacular establishments. Two of those take such honours due to the absolutely spectacular surroundings they have been built into. The Centrara Grand Krabi Resort is seen each time you travel between Ao Nang and Railay, lodged up against the rock wall behind a spectacular little beach. Rayavadee is virtually hidden from view, despite that it occupies a huge track of land separating Raliay and Thum Phra Nang beaches. You can see more of those, and the Ritz-Carlton, in another page about Krabi’s Most Spectacular Beachfront Resorts.
Krabi province has a few other destinations with
Krabi is much greater than its core of famous beaches, rugged mountains and islands. This province incorporates three other island destinations, two of which hold global fame themselves. Koh Phi Phi, thirty kilometres across the ocean to the southwest is a part of this province. So is Koh Lanta, and hour’s drive to the south and little-known Koh Jum, more of a laid-back, backpackers paradise. These are treated as separate beach destinations in this site’s maps.

by John Everingham

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