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Phetchaburi – convenient to Bangkok; rich in culture, agriculture and interest

Phetchaburi – beaches closest to Bangkok; busy on weekends, quiet during the week
Petchaburi is province very close to the top of the Gulf of Thailand, and holds some of the beaches closest to Bangkok. Chao Samran, the most famous beach here, can be reached in an hour and a half drive from the national capital, making this a favoured weekend escape for the city. During the week days the beaches here are almost deserted, and the beach restaurants either close completely or sit forlornly deserted, waiting for the next Friday night influx.
Most of the small hotels here cater almost entirely to this Bangkok weekend traffic, and few foreign visitors are seen here. Most foreigners prefer Cha-Am and Hua Hin just a little to the south.
beaches best for tranquil backdrops, but swim in the pool
With this being so high in the shallow Gulf the water is not particularly clean or clear, and the beaches are rather flat and boring. The sand is generally quite wide and pleasant, though. The countryside behind the beaches is partly agricultural, partly salt farms with the rest being poor quality scrub that is too poor for anything. There is no lush forest here, and only by going inland a few kilometres can you find some green in the rice fields to break the rather barren look.
Weekend visitors from Bangkok have few options that offer crystal clear water and natural scenery, so Petchaburi, like Pattaya, thrives on its proximity to millions of stressed urban dwellers.
restaurants and seafood are the focus of many Thai families who come here over the weekends
On the weekends many small beach restaurants open along here, some being just stalls that provide mats for guests to lay on the sand in patches of shade. Naturally they sell seafood, though that has become greatly restricted in recently years, with little but small crabs and squid coming from the Gulf, and prawns and fish from farms. Shellfish can be quite good in this area, for nearby there are extensive mudflats where they are farmed in semi-wild conditions.
small family-run beach resorts are the norm, many with swimming pools
Some of the resorts here are quite pleasant and nicely fitted with mid-range facilities. Quite a few are family-run, making the experience both more personal and interesting. Swimming pools are the norm, for not many Thai families swim in the ocean here, which is often a discoloured brown close inshore.
Despite that Petchaburi lacks the beautiful water and natural scenery of the beaches to the south, it can be a pleasant and relaxing escape for those who want real tranquility in a Thai-style environment, and don’t require much entertainment save some quite Thai restaurants on the beach. All at Thai prices, of course.


by John Everingham