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Phang Nga; more than a famous bay of vertical rock islands, has beaches, resorts and natural beauty

Phang Nga is famed for its dramatic scenery of vertical rocky mountains standing in the calm green waters of its scenic bay, enclosed by Phuket on the West and Krabi on the East. This is a major day-trip destination for 1,000s of visitors from Phuket, bussing and boating in, with virtually all being shuttled to the famous James Bond Island, now a classic tourist trap. Few realise that the beautiful rocky islands on this ethereal horizon also harbour some pristine, even romantic island hideaways.
Two islands here offer beachfront accommodations ranging from luxurious (just two) to basic beach huts (several), with a couple of comfortable 3-star accommodations between. These are more suited to romantic couples than families, and to those seeking absolute relaxation and tranquility.
The northern island, Koh Yao Noi has the bigger number of hotels, and the biggest variety. The island's south end is distinctly budget, with lots of small bars and local restaurants. The main island village is not far away. The Northeast coast is dramatically beautiful, and the island's two luxury resorts are found in a beautiful bay (The Paradise Koh Yao) and on a headland (Six Senses Hideaway). Next door, Koyao Resort – with spacious 3-star beach chalets among the coconut palms – has a tranquil beach and amazing views.
Koh Yao Yai to the south is flatter, and while not so scenic, is again very tranquil. The one comfortable 3-star beach hotel here, Elixir Resort, is towards south with views directly back to Phuket.
by John Everingham

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