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Chaweng is the active centre of beach lifestyle on Koh Samui

Chaweng is Samui’s most popular beach, its party beach with the most hotels, restaurants, beach bars, entertainment and spas. It grew this way due to the tropical beauty of its fine white sand, clear water and coconut-fringed shoreline. While its dream beach qualities have taken a battering by wall-to wall hotels, the beachfront mostly remains green with many big shade trees.
Chaweng is long and diverse. The water is deeper at the south end, and thus better for swimming, while the north is sheltered by 3 small islands. These create a tranquil shallow lagoon, the perfect beach for young children.
Beach lodging spans everything from cheap beach huts left over from a generation ago to 5-star spa resorts, beautiful design resorts and boutique hotels in many shades and sizes. In total, this Club qualifies 60 accommodations on Chaweng, displayed in 6 beach maps for detail.
This beach offers more activities than elsewhere in Samui, including parasailing, jet-skiis and beach volleyball. A beach massage can be had under almost any large tree, while spa treatments and health & wellness centres are found in many resorts.
Each evening restaurants appear on the sand offering seafood and Thai cuisine under the stars. There are numerous beach bars with a wide variety of music. Most late night entertainment, is focused on discos on the hyper-busy back road, along with beer bars with Thai girls and the hustle & noise of a Thai tourist village.
Chaweng can cater to all kinds of beach vacations, but choose your end of the beach, and beachfront accommodation, carefully.
by John Everingham

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Aerial video of Chaweng Beach north, Koh Samui shot in November 2016 by John Everingham.