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The natural beauty of Lamai Beach has made this one of the top attractions on Samui

As the number of resorts seen on the Lamai beach maps shows, this is the second most popular beach on Samui. The resorts are almost side-by-side for most of the way. It's another party beach, with a plethora of beach restaurants & bars, and entertainment places in the hectic tourist village behind the southern sector. This is a smaller clone of Chaweng's noisy tourist town. There are many hotels in the crowded streets here, far from the beach – so beware, and check our maps for all real beachfront accommodations.
Some cheap bungalows remain from the backpacker years, but Lamai today is generally 3-star mid-market, now moving up-market and becoming ever more family friendly.
This long sandy beach is cut into north and south zones by a stream. The northern stretch has more cheap accommodations, with a few luxury resorts between. The south has many 3-star resorts, with scattered budget cottages and 4-star resorts. The Banyan Tree and Silawadee Pool Spa Resort on the north headland are luxury spa resorts in a class of their own.
The beach sand on Lamai is distinctly coarser than on most Samui beaches, formed by the grindings of the many granite boulders that punctuate the area and give the beach so much character. See our detailed sand photos from the icon on the beach.
There is an on-the-sand restaurant zone in the south where one can find seafood and all Thai dishes at reasonable prices. Beach massage is available simply everywhere. All better resorts have their own beach view bars &. restaurants and massage beds by the beach.
by John Everingham

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Aerial video of Lamai Beach and resorts, Koh Samui shot in November 2016 by John Everingham.