With such a huge coastline, Australia might be expected to have large numbers of hotels and resorts right on the beach.Yet, no, it has amazingly few. The reasons is simple, and the most common of all; roads. Past generations of government gave little consideration to the beach – neither as a place of recreation nor an environment that requires protection – when constructing roads. They simply built them in the easiest and cheapest locations, and that, obviously, was often right along the top of the beach.

Islands fare better with fewer roads and more accommodations close to the sand. Australia, however, has taken an entirely new tract in recent years, forbidding the construction of permanent buildings anywhere near beaches or natural sand dunes, leaving a wide protective space behind all beaches that have not already been developed.

Such broad set-backs do not preclude the construction of resorts that will gain our 'true beachfront' qualification. So long as there is no road between the hotel and the beach, and guests can walk through a natural environment from the hotel directly to the beach, the hotel qualifies. Yes even so, Australia has relatively few qualified beachfront resorts. It just scrapes through onto our Top Twenty true beachfront nations with the 100 plus we have found so far. However, we know there will be more found in this huge, diverse continent.