Dominican Republic is blessed with endless miles of beautiful tropical beach, and an interesting coastline pocked with almost countless bays, most of which shelter a beach. There is any number of beautiful beaches that are completely uninhabited.The most famous beaches are long and straight, however, those in the East at Punta Cana. This, our figures show, has about half of the country's total beachfront resorts. The beaches here are particularly wide and sandy, leading to water that is outstanding for clarity and turquoise and blue colours.

The beaches on the south coast near La Romana are equally impressive. Along the north coast several resort areas are seen, thought the beaches here vary much more. Along many sectors of coastline the beach is quite narrow, sloping quite steeply into the water. there are many bays in the coast here, and some of the beaches are also of outstanding beauty.

Dominican Republic rates highest among Caribbean nations on The Beachfront Club's list of top beachfront countries, coming in at 15th on the global scale in 2012.