The USA is a giant in beachfront terms simply due to its immense size and the number of people living along its shores.Many of the beachfront hotels we have qualified here are more like city hotels than beach resorts – but of course these still qualify if there is no road nor traffic between the hotel and the beach. In total number of rooms on the beachfront the USA would likely be top in the world, toppling Thailand's beachfront crown.

THIS DOES NOT RELATE TO UDS IN GENERAL... ONLY TO THE COMPETITION: Why not count number or rooms rather than number of individual resorts, for it is accumulated room capacity that determines how many people get to stay by the beach? We believe people looking around the world for a suitable beachfront hotel or resort are more interested in multiple choices. It is thus better for a beach destination to have ten varied resorts and guesthouses with 50 rooms each than one big hotel with 500 rooms.

Hawaii has not been included with continental USA because, in travel terms, it is a completely different destination. Also, adding Hawaii's total to that of the mainland does not change the USA's global rank. Allowing Hawaii to compete as a separate destination enables it to attain its own rank and identity on the charts.