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Bophut West offers a range of excellent beachfront resorts

Until a few years ago the west end of Bophut had a few cheap backpacker huts, and was otherwise largely ignored. Recently it has developed into a distinctly up-market, trendy and boutique area. As the map shows, the beach is completely filled with beachfront resorts.

The west side of Bophut faces the waves of the northeast monsoon, with the result being a much better beach than that at the eastern end. The beach is wide, the sand thicker and the water much deeper. The reef does not extend in front of this part of the beach, making Bophut West an excellent swimming beach.

The standard of the resorts here is surprisingly high, though a few of the old backpacker bungalows are scattered among the majority 4- and 5-star resorts. See more photos and info about this beach in the Bophut Beach West travel guide.

by John Everingham