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The far north end of Chaweng has good quality resorts, a special atmosphere:

The far northern stretch of Chaweng Beach has a small island offshore, and a shallow lagoon between that and the beach. The beach is thus never exposed to waves, and is very calm. While it is not ideal for swimming, it is great for children – or just relaxing in. Some people take their beach chair and book into the shallows here.
The sand here is soft and white, and there are large shade trees along the entire stretch, further enhancing it as a children's beach. At low tide some places have little water for a long distance out.
As the map shows, the beachfront resorts here are wall to wall, however many are spacious with open, green areas and shade trees. Most are in the 3-star range, with individual beach cottages, though there are places with more luxurious beach villas, like those in Sareeraya Villas and The Brizza Beach Resort.
There good family hotels here, but this area is also suitable for anyone who wants to be close to Chaweng with its excitement, restaurants, nightlife and shopping – but with a quiet beach front hotel to retire to.
Massage beds are found all along this stretch, and each of the bigger resorts also has its own spa. But the sands here have fewer beach activities than the central area.
by John Everingham


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