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Jomtien is like a southern extension of Pattaya... without the night life

Most of Jomtien Beach suffers from the same poor development that Pattaya Beach does – it has a large road right along the top of the sand. Of Jomtien's ten kilometre total length, seven kilometres has the road running right on the beach. That is evidenced by the long empty stretch on our Pattaya overview map, stretching between Royal Cliff Bay and this Jomtien Beach map.
Along Jomtien's southern sector, seen here, the road is set back almost 600 metres, giving huge areas for beachfront resorts. While there is a number of resorts along this coast, they are outnumbered by condominiums, many of which are rather intrusive, high-rise towers. Most are weekend and holiday homes for Bangkok families.
The beach at Jomtien is distinctly better than Pattaya's. The sand here is much wider, and while the water is surely cleaner than that at Pattaya. However the water along the entire upper Gulf coast never gets really clear, and plastic bags and water quality are a worry, and most visitors to this area use only the swimming pools. Jomtien has some very attractive, peaceful resorts.
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