This is a quiet, out-of-the-way sector, but only minutes drive from the quaint little town of Saladan and its many seaside restaurants, markets and shops, bakeries and coffee shops.

The Thai name of this peninsula translates as deer's neck, and the unusual shape tells us why. There are beaches along both sides of the neck, with the southern side being the wide, far north of Khlong Dao Beach.

The higher head also harbours a few little beaches of its own, giving the large resort here, Crown Lanta, some quaint, private beaches. This resort is one of the most unusual and outstanding on Koh Lanta, occupying high ground on the deer's head, with walkways down to different beaches. Natural forest rings the resort, which has two entirely different sections, each with its own pool and restaurant.

The two resorts on the beach below the hill have long beachfronts, lots of open space, trees and seemingly endless beach to themselves.

3-star Twinbay Resort & Spa offers luxury garden villas, opening right onto the sand. With three swimming pools, it is family friendly. It has the almost mandatory spa with massage and health treatments.

Kaw Kwang Beach Resort, on the very last stretch of north Khlong Dao Beach, has 3-star bungalows hidden among large trees and a hill, giving privacy and tranquillity.

by John Everingham