This central portion of Ngwe Saung Beach is a traditional, Burmese family zone. Most of the visitors here are locals from Yangon, with the great majority of them arriving in family cars for weekends and holidays. The typical hotel here has beachfront bungalows scattered through expansive coconut gardens, each with a parking space nearby. Having your own car is a great advantage here, for there are neither shops nor restaurants along the back road, and the distance from the village and its restaurants is growing beyond most people's walking range.

The beach along here is the quietest in Ngwe Saung. It is light sandy grey and natural-looking, with few man-made structures or hotels visible. The water is quite good for swimming at any tide, while the high the tide comes nowhere near covering the entire beach. It's just too wide.

Some foreign visitors also use these spacious, budget beach hotels. They are often modern, middle-aged back-packers who find their own way here via the buses from Yangon. More affluent foreign visitors have also begun to discover Ngwe Saung, and the effect is seen all along the beach. In this section we now find one upgraded, more modern hotel, The Palm Beach Resort, while Shwe Kayu at the south end was undergoing complete reconstruction in December 2013. We can expect the vacant blocks of beachfront land here to begin sprouting hotels in the near future.

The travel guide pages herein show the most interesting budget beach hotels here.

The only disturbance along this part of the beach are the motorcycles that use the smooth, hard sand as a highway.

by John Everingham