about True Beachfront

global beach experts identifying & certifying accommodations as 'true beachfront'

All hotels, resorts & bungalows directly on the beach or oceanfront – with no road or traffic between the rooms and the water – are qualified. Budget to 5-star accommodations are accepted. Oceanside or cliff hotels may be accepted, so long as there is no road in front.

an exclusive, targetted website giving marketing advantages to qualified hotels

True beachfront locations are valued, representing the top echelons of beach accommodations. Acceptance into True Beachfront is thus a mark of distinction. True Beachfront provides its valued members with a number of marketing advantages. Learn to use them effectively.

a hi-tech mapping service showing beachfront accommodations in detail never seen before

The beach maps display true beachfront hotels in detail never seen before – mapping them by the boundaries to show the size, shape and precise location of each. Such precision gives users confidence in the real locations of all qualified hotels.

the world's only true beachfront hotel database makes finding beachfront accommodations fast and simple

Users of this website can find true beachfront hotels quickly and easily, in complete confidence that the on-the-beach locations are correct. Users do not have to worry about being fooled by the misleading advertising of hotels nearby, but not right on the beach.

unprecedented travel guides to the beaches of Southeast Asia

Starting in Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, The Philippines and Bali, True Beachfront is building a database of beach-specific information that will help travellers find all manner of beaches and discover new experiences. Southeast Asia is the template that will be spread to other regions.

becoming the world's largest online resource about beaches

Using its beach ratings, romance and environmental scales, travel information and other tools to come, True Beachfront is building a profile of each beach. When truly global, this will become the biggest online resource about the beaches of the world.