advantages of 'true beachfront' certification by True Beachfront

advantages for hotels

gives qualified hotels 'true beachfront’ certification – a major marketing & branding advantage

Independent, third party certification of true beachfront location is one of a hotel's biggest marketing advantages. True Beachfront helps hotels make full use of that, and gain new traffic.

eliminates all nearby non-beachfront hotels from competition set

All hotels near, but not right on the beach, are removed from competition when eliminated by The Club's detailed beach maps. Users do not even see them, and can focus on 'true beachfront' hotels. Qualified hotels should use this advantage, and tell potential customers.

moves traffic from nearby-but-not hotels to true beachfront ones

When users see that True Beachfront has identified all true beachfront hotels for them, and removed all that are near-but-not, they will naturally book qualified beachfront hotels more often.

Premium Membership builds more traffic & direct bookings

Premium Membership offers significant marketing advantages, with most aimed at building new streams of traffic and more direct bookings. The monthly fee for this service is low. Ask for details.

advantages for users

helps users find true beachfront hotels anywhere in the world quickly and easily

Hotels directly on the beach are the first choice of beach-lovers everywhere, and this site helps people find those hotels quickly and easily, in 109 countries around the planet.

helps beach-lovers avoid being fooled by the misleading advertising of hotels near, but not right on the beach

Beach-lovers like the site because it helps them avoid all misleading advertising of hotels near, but not right on the beach. Users thus gain more confidence to book qualified member hotels.

when confident about the hotels' real locations, users will book member hotels more often

When users see the third-party certification of location, they are confident that a hotel is truly beachfront, increasing the changes they will book True Beachfront member hotels.