how to use True Beachfront
for marketing advantage

register with True Beachfront & take control of your pages

Contact us for an invitation; send a secure e-mail address and we will send an invitation with a security link log in and create your own private password then, only you will be able to access your hotel page, so take care of your password

upload info & photos to improve your hotel page within the website

We have already included information and photos about your hotel from various sources, but you can now take control of all info and photos by uploading into our ready-made templates and deleting as needed Make your hotel look as attractive as possible, and remember to add photos of your beach and beachfront.

make the effort to give your hotel an SEO advantage

Like your own website, your hotel page in True Beachfront will be seen more often if you follow Google's 'best practices':

  • create unique content that does not duplicate text on your own website, or on other sites.
  • Upload good quality, recent photos of your resort and beach (preferably in 1200 X 800 pixels); include a good caption with each photo
  • delete old photos; update info and photos as things change in your hotel.

tell the world your hotel is certified by a trusted third party’ as 'true beachfront':

  • place the logo of True Beachfront on your website, inviting visitors to check your absolute beachfront location at any time
  • the link from your website to your hotel page within the True Beachfront site helps the SEO value of that page, helping increase traffic
  • place the True Beachfront logo on all promotional materials as proof of true beachfront location

use True Beachfront qualifications to boost your marketing profile

  • ensure that all of your hotel's e-mail campaigns carry evidence that your hotel has been qualified as true beachfront by including the icon of True Beachfront
  • use smart IT practices to spread news of your hotel’s true beachfront qualifications through web forums, blogs, by placing on-line text and photographs and through the use of other social media applications.

help your own beach's ratings and profile

Help your beach by doing the beach and romance ratings. Encourage your guests and friends to rate your beach also. Do a beach rating in the BEACH tab on your hotel page

upgrade your hotel to Premium status

Premium Hotel status offers a wide range of additional, more powerful marketing tools, including much higher visibility for your hotel, increased direct traffic, direct bookings without commissions, and more. See our full range of Premium Hotel benefits.