Mission Statement

This interactive website was created by people who live in awe of the beauty of nature, and recognize that special interface between land and sea called ‘beach’ as one of the highest of earth’s many amazing creations.

True Beachfront is a new-era combination of natural world, traditional hotel and travel business and digital technology dedicated to helping visitors find true beachfront hotels around the world with ease, and to helping member hotels make contact with more future guests. We aim to provide these services in as democratic a manner as possible, displaying small, budget bungalows on remote and little-known beaches as well as top, world-class resorts in famous destinations .

With so many of our member hotels situated on beautiful islands and in spectacular beach locations it is only natural for us to aim for the highest visual standards. For this we will create a special club-within-a-club for photography. Similarly, we aim for high standards in our written content.

More than just make a business from beaches, tourism and technology we are dedicated to the promotion of better understanding of the natural environments we use and abuse. We wish to build this site into a knowledge base for learning about beach and ocean environments. We hope to be instrumental in encouraging long-term preservation of beach environments, natural treasures we inherited and which we are morally bound to leave for our children in as unspoiled a condition as possible.

John Everingham