Terms & Conditions of qualified hotels in the True Beachfront website

1) Qualification by True Beachfront (TBF) is a free marketing advantage

a) Qualification on the True Beachfront website is a privilege bestowed on selected hotels by the management of True Beachfront and is entirely free. However, to remain qualified and displayed on the maps of the website a hotel must abide by certain standards of behaviour. If a hotel does not act within the Terms & Conditions laid out here it may be disqualified and deleted from the maps of the True Beachfront website.

2) general

a) All Terms & Conditions set out in this document are for all hotels mapped in this website.

b) True Beachfront reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions of hotel qualification at any time without giving prior notice nor reasons for such changes. Any changes to the regulations will become active as soon as they are posted to this page. Qualified hotels should check these Terms & Conditions from time to time to monitor and understand how any such changes might affect them.

3) applications for qualification

a) Placement on the maps of True Beachfront, along with membership therein, are privileges bestowed upon selected hotels by and at the discretion of TBF.

b) Hotels not already on the maps of TBF that believe they qualify for classification as 'true beachfront' are invited to fill out the Application Form and provide the required evidence with that application.

4) integrity of content uploaded to the website

a) A hotel that has been awarded qualification must guarantee that all content that it uploads to True Beachfront website, including photos, text, files, graphics, video or other, is true and correct and not intended to give misleading impressions to the viewers. All content must be the rightful property of the hotel and not infringe upon the rights of any other person.

5) geographic criteria and hotel qualification

a) Qualification by True Beachfront is based largely upon a set of geographically-designated criteria set out in Terminology & Definitions of True Beachfront. Since many hotels lie in areas where the geographic criteria are difficult to apply, there are cases where the decision to award, deny or revoke qualification is difficult. TBF utilizes the best information available to it at the time when making decisions on qualification.

b) TBF offers no guarantee for the correctness in the drawing of hotel boundaries, locations and names on its maps, and will not be held responsible for such mistakes.

c) When mistakes are brought to its notice and sufficient proof of such mistakes is provided TBF will endeavour to make corrections as soon as possible.

d) If the circumstances of a hotel previously denied qualification change or new evidence pertaining to its status becomes available the hotel may appeal the original decision of TBF by applying again and supplying the new evidence.

6) non-geographic requirements for hotel qualification

a) While the geographic location of a hotel is the primary consideration in deliberations to award or deny qualification to a hotel, many other factors may be taken into account and factored into the final decision, including, but not limited to:

i. a hotel's following the terms & conditions of TBF
ii. a hotel's adherence to good environmental practices
iii. a hotel's maintenance of a website or e-mail contact through which our users can contact the hotel for booking purposes
iv. a hotel's maintenance of a good record in its relations with TBF's users
v. a hotel's upkeep of a minimum standard of service, maintenance and cleanliness

7) awarding hotel qualifications

a) Qualification by True Beachfront is a privilege not a right.

b) There is no criterion or set of criteria that guarantees a hotel qualification by TBF, and no hotel has any right to demand such.

c) The TBF will be the sole arbiter in all decisions to award, deny or revoke qualification and the decision of the TBF will be final and without recourse. The TBF may choose to give or not give reasons for its decisions.

8) suspension of hotel qualification

a) In case True Beachfront has reason to doubt the qualifications of a hotel member and it wishes to check or seek clarification it may choose to suspend the membership of the hotel until such time as it sees fit to either restore that membership or revoke it entirely.

9) revocation of hotel qualification

a) True Beachfront retains full rights to revoke the qualification of any hotel at any time if it has reason to believe any of the following:

i. a hotel has not followed the Terms & Conditions of qualification in the TBF
ii. a hotel member has uploaded false or misleading information or photos to the TBF website
iii. a hotel member does not maintain good relations with the site visitors of this website, or has in any way caused damage to them
iv. the circumstances of the hotel in relation to the beach or seaside have changed

b) True Beachfront also retains the right to revoke the qualification of any hotel for any other reason it deems appropriate and is not liable to offer reasons for any revocation of qualification.

10) bookings of Hotel Members by users

a) True Beachfront is not a booking agent and will not charge any fees when users make direct bookings with member hotels through this site. TBF will also offer site visitors the opportunity to book member hotels through third-party, professional booking services that have established affiliations with the member hotels. TBF may receive fees from such third-party booking services.

12) limits in liability of TBF

a) True Beachfront will not be responsible for any financial losses, damages of any kind, infringement of rights or harm to reputation that a hotel might suffer as a result of:

i. the hotel's qualification by TBF
ii. the hotel's activity on the TBF website
iii. users' contacts or interactions with the hotel
iv. TBF marking a hotel on its maps either correctly or incorrectly
v. TBF awarding, denying, suspending or revoking qualification in the website or any subsequent actions that result therefrom
vi. the failure of TBF to post or display information uploaded by the Hotel Member